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I need new shoes - what kind of tires are you guys using?
What do you recommend and also not recommend and why?
Sorry I did not see this discussion although I am sure it has been gone over before!

After much thought, and many years (decades) of experience, I switched from Metzeler to Shinko. The rear lasts as long as the Metzeler (about 12,000 miles) and so does the front (around 20,000) but the price is about half of what the Metzelers cost. The ride is very good, as is the wet weather traction. There is one major difference, other than price. The profile of the Shinko is more rounded, and at first, it feels like you have power steering, until you get used to it. Just put on a new rear 777 last week, the front is still good for another year. By the way, using the FACTORY recommended inflation pressure gave me the best performance. The one I replaced still has 2/32 of and inch of tread after 11,670 miles.

OR Seedman:
I did the same....I really like the stickiness of the Shinko 777 HD.  Plus they have the sizes I needed in white walls.  I have 7,000+ miles on the first set and there is still plenty of tread left....plus the price is always right....

Easy Drifter:
I went with Michelin Commander III's. I had just put a set on my Yamaha V Star Classic 1100 and was extremely impressed with how it made that bike handle like a sport bike. Then the acid test; I got caught in a torrential downpour while on I-95 between Daytona and St Augustine. The wet performance was as good as the dry so my Drifter ended up with these, replacing a set of Bridgestones. A world of improvement. Pricey? A bit, but if the wear equals the performance improvement they'll be well worth it.

Thank you gentlemen - always a pleasure to get wisdom from others


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