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     Yes, I got the plans from Ted.
     No, I don't yet know what they'll cost, and I haven't yet found anyone who will commit to making them, but I'm working on it.
     Sorry, I don't know how these could be made for a Drifter 800.  (Those are great looking bikes, and I'd like to help, but that's above my pay grade.)
     I don't have a solo seat rail on my bike, so I have nothing to use as a template for someone who might make them for me (I'm not someone who has that capability myself).
     I will keep updating this post periodically to let all know if I find someone who can make these, and if so, what they will cost.

OR Seedman:
I would take a set if priced at $149.  I actually would take them in raw steel as I have a chrome shop I work with locally.

The guy who agreed to try making these bars has FINALLY gotten back in touch with me, and he thinks he has them ready to go.  I'm going to meet with him this weekend, and he's going to see if they will fit on my bike.  I will post an update after that.

I met up with the local fabricator today.  He has a piece of tubing that is bent into the appropriate shape, and he has made the two brackets necessary for one bar.  But neither he nor I know how the brackets attach to the bar, or how the brackets attach to the bike.  So I'm looking for guidance (including on this forum).  Stay tuned.

Uppers are welded on. They go under the shock at the top. The lower bolts to the foot peg bracket.


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