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So I'm moving, again, and I need to transport my 1500 from IN to AL in about two weeks. Wondering if anyone has used the Uhaul motorcycle trailer to transport their bikes.  Pros, cons, warnings, anything is appreciated.  Still working out logistics, might just ride it down, but I need a plan B.

Thanks in advance.


Easy Drifter:
I've used them. They work great. Easy to load, nice built in chock for your front tire. Lots of tie down hooks.
I've towed my Drifter and my V Star 1100 on one of these. Towed like there was nothing behind me. I would definitely recommend them and I'll certainly use them again.  Just go slow loading up. Some bikes will rub where the rear of the deck meets the front of the loading ramp. I don't have pictures of my Drifter on the trailer, but you can see my V Star on it in these pics.

I towed one across the border to pick up my bike. Worked great and as I recall it cost me a grand total of $15 to rent it.
A good way to go.

I used a U-Haul motorcycle trailer to bring home my first Drifter (I've since sold it, but bought another).  They work great.  Simple way to go, with the built-in wheel chock in the front wall of the trailer, and plenty of tie-down points, and a tailgate that functions as a ramp.

A little late in replying, but, Thanks for the input everyone!
Trailer worked great, wound up getting the larger trailer that has the wheel chock (cycle trailer they originally gave me had a bent neck).  Was concerned that the higher wall on the "utility" trailer would cause issues with the front fender, but everything fitted perfectly and I had room for a few more items in the trailer.

Thanks again!


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