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OR Seedman:
Hello everyone:

As some of you know, I put a stock Nomad dual exhaust recently on my 1500 Drifter.  Each muffler hangs by a short piece of powder coated steel attached to my saddlebag mounts.  Works great, however, I can't remove the bag mounts or the pipes won't have any supports.  So, I have have come up with a design that attaches at the rear footpeg mounts instead so you don't have to cover the rear fender with bags if you don't want to.  I tried to make the hanger design as unobtrusive as possible.  I am having the prototypes done at the fabricator I use for all of my designs.  They should work with ANY dual exhaust for Nomads 1500/1600.  As soon as I have them in my hands and tested, I will post photos.  You should be able to mount the rear pegs right over the hangers but you will most likely need 5mm longer bolts to compensate for the thickness.  Let me know if anyone is interested in getting a price on a set (if they work out the way I hope).

Thanks and best to all

OR Seedman

I'd love to see those pics.  I think (if I remember) I also have a set of Nomad duals in the shed....

OR Seedman:
As soon as I get them back and test the installation, I'll take some good pics and post here.  Right now, they hang from my saddlebag mounts.

OR Seedman:
mounts should be ready by next Monday.  I ordered them in plain unpainted steel so that I can see how they work before spending the extra money on powder coating.  right now, it looks like a set will probably be about $50 unpainted or $80 with powder coat.  that would not include shipping.  I'm hoping the prototypes don't need any changes or mods, but we'll see how it goes....if they fit the right way, maybe I'll have the first set chromed....

OR Seedman:
so...I got the prototype mounts late yesterday and did some test fittings today....need to make a couple of modifications.  So I went back to my fabricator with the changes...the new ones should be ready in a couple of weeks.  Overall, I think they are going to work nicely...the only visible parts are where they come straight down from the rear footrest mounts (they attach to the same frame mounting points and are well hidden behind the rear footrests) and where the steel is folded over to attach to the muffler on each side.  the rest of the mount is hidden behind the tailpipe on each side.  They are laser cut from 3/16" cold rolled steel and formed to angle out from the frame (they follow the angle on the footrest mount).  Since they are cut and not bent, the straight part that runs down the length of the pipe to the mounting holes hardly flexes...should keep the pipes fairly stable with little movement side to side.  I will mount them up and take close up pics as soon as I get the new ones...


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