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900 to Drifter conversion


Has anyone heard of swapping out a 900 swingarm with a 800? I thinking the pivot connexion should be the same and the only difference is the width at the axle as the 900 is wider for the belt.
I guess some may ask why. I have only seen one 800 drifter for sale here (NZ) and was a few years back. Very rare beast. 800 vulcans are also few & far between Only option I can see is a conversion to my 900 classic. I have the fenders & all chromework but the rear swing arm is too wide for the fender.
Is there a tech thread regarding dimensions of swing arms/rear wheel hub etc

thanks in advance

Interesting proposition. I haven't heard of such a conversion. Studying the rear ends would be a good starting point.

Thanks Chief.
Im hoping someone with an 800 might be able to give me an overall length of the swingarm pivot connexion (without pin) so I can decide if I buy a swingarm.
I see Ebay are not posting from US at the moment......



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