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Routing Fuel lines


Hello All!
I've taken apart my bike for painting and now am reassembling. I promise pictures when done! BUT...I cannot figure out how to reattach and route some of the smaller line. I think it might be the line from the top/front part of the tank, maybe a vent? I took pictures of most other things on disassembly, but not enough, and not of this.
Appreciate any and all replies.
Thanks- Boyscout

OK. After a bit more searching , I can now identify the "fuel" line in question. It would be the "fuel breather hose" that connects to the front upper part of tank near the cap(but on the underside). My question is where do I attach the other end? Or does it just hang down at the bottom of the bike in order to drain any fluids it collects?
Thank you again for any and all opinions!

Nevermind, just figured it out!
Safe rides- Boyscout

Glad to know that you made it.
Ride safe.


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