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Winter rebuild


I’m planning on some major rebuilding on my 2000 800 with 47,000 miles on it.  My steering head bearings need to be done, so I’m planning on doing a lot more while I’ve got it on the lift. 
I don’t have a garage, so I’ll be working under a 10’x10’ portable canopy with the sides attached. 
I’m going to have to purchase a jack to get it off the ground.
Here’s what I was planning.
1.  Steering head bearings replaced
2.  Fork springs and oil changed
3.  Wheel bearings greased or replaced
4.  New tires
5.  Check valves
6.  Possible new paint on tank and fenders
7.  New breaks
8.  Flush and fill all fluids
9.  Replace damaged upper fork tube covers
10.  Replace bent front light bar
11.  Change out to 18/38 gears
12.  Modify or change out exhaust to sound a little better
13.  Detail clean everything
14.  Replace cracked headlight bucket.

Is there anything else I should do while I have it down?

Any and all advice is welcomed as this will be my first time doing mechanic work on a motorcycle (I’ve totally rebuilt cars and engines in the past)
I do have a shop manual for reference.

The only thing I'd also do, is to check all the wires and bolts...
BTW: as I'm planning to do a lot of the things you're going to do, keep us posted, thanx.

I think I replied to your FB post --
replace all the water and vac and fuel lines
add a fuel filter
and other things I put on FB

If you are going to "bother' with bearings, replace them

consider replacing neck bearings and adding a zerk fitting to grease them

grease the bike

check the zerk on the dogbone - replace as needed


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