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Cadillac Lenses for Drifters

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Their some awesome Awesome Drifters on this site with Cadillac Lenses.

 Any Fabricators or Machinist doing the mod. and making the required adapters to install them?

Beyond my skill level.....If so PM me and I would happily pay you to make me a set of adapters for my Drifter 1500. 

I assume you read this... there are several ways to do it and some are pretty easy.



Yes I’m going to give it a go and try Greenbarn’s write up to install.

This past year I was working 20 Hours overtime each week and this year I’ve done only  20 hours for the whole year so I got more time on my Hands the try.

It’s been on my bucket list of mods to do for my Drifter.

Thx, Wish me luck.   

Did you figure out a way to make the aluminum plates the correct diameter, without the lathe?  Like we talked, a drill press (or even hand drill in a vice) can be made to spin the plates and you can grind them down with a flap wheel on a grinder or something ... lots of ways to skin the cat.

Keep me posted

Iam waiting on the materials. The Caddy lights came but waiting on everything else.

My plan is to use a drill press and hole saw to get them to fit. Fine tune with grinder if needed.

Will post updates once completed.



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