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Hey, anybody out there?  the silence is deafening.  What winter projects are you working on for your Drifter this year--anything to report?  Winter is too dark and depressing to just lay around and watch TV, so get off the couch and make something happen with your bike!  I'm currently working on a project with another bike, very busy and the harder I try to save a buck the more work that creates!  Anyway, haven't seen any Drifter postings in long while so just thought I'd ping everybody and see if you're still there.

Nothing to report here...   I've been so busy with "house stuff" not much time to do anything.  I have a plenty-big list on the drifters, but no time to start them yet...    hopefully before the spring thaw.

The big problem with these motorcycles is they do not need to be annually rebuilt. There are 2 issues with my 1500 I will address in the Spring. The horn quit working ( I don't know when, I never use it) and a stud came off the seat....

I'm tryin' to make some mods to ma-deuce, but job & family (2 young sons...) just leave me not enough time!
Here's my to-do list:
1- add the indian headdress on the front fender (I've got 2 of them);
2- add the Ted's hand shifter I've recently purchased;
3- add the Indian tail light repro I've bought last summer;
4- add vintage oval pads to the brake and shifter foot levers;
5- add the new air filter (full open) and re-jet the carburetor;
6- re-paint fenders and fuel tank;
7- add nice & clean WWW tires.
So many things, with so little time for them...

Need to change my oil and filter and just do a good inspection and maintenance. Do the annual wax and then ride on...like Troll said, pretty much just put gas in her ride.


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