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Hey Guys, I have an issue with another member of this group. His name is George Fitzsimmons.  I posted that I was looking for a rear seat rail and he got a hold of me and told me that "he" had one and he would sell it to me for 130 dollars.  He presented himself as though he was the seller and manufacturer and told me he had to charge that because his margins are so small and that he basically does this as a labor of love to his fellow drifter riders.  Well the item arrived in a JP cycle box with a receipt for 60 dollars.  I made many inwuirys with him but he does not return any of my text.  I recently found out that this is his his standard MO and that he has done this to other drifter riders. Always at a 100% Mark up.  Yes caveat emptor but I didn't know we needed to be worried that a fellow drifter rider would rip me off.

I also had a bit of shady dealings with the same person but mine never came to the exchange of cash, and if I remember correctly 2 others also had issues with the man.

Me too, I've been in touch with him for a couple of items he sells, but we didn't make any deal because of his huge costs... Now I can say that I've been really lucky!
But, all in all, I must admit that his Drifters are way cool...

I am looking into this.

1) can anyone point me to any posts?

2) has anyone found any similar handrail at J&P?  Was there a stock number?  (Note: J&P also wholesales their parts to qualified resellers. I also know some folks buy these and modify them to fit our Drifters. )

        Think most of this lads issues took place on FaceBook. But I had dealings with this fella, once I questioned him on a few issues about his parts he refused to answer my e mails or to answer his phone. I tried to call him a number of times to resolve my questions. Lucky I never exchanged monies with him.


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