Marysville to Warurton

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Took the Drifter out on Saturday and remembered my camera. Tthe below video is from the section between Marysville and Warburton. What made the ride memorable was that it was the first time ever that I had ran into another Drifter on the road. I had to look several times to believe that there was another Drifter riding next to me. We pulled into a cafe, introduced ourselves and checked out each others bikes. A great start to the day. I then had to stop in the middle of the road as a Koala just ambled across in from of me. Another great part to the day.

Ride safe.

   :o other than the Kookaburra in your backpack that was a great vid. I watched it twice and sorry but I never did see the koala bear.......and that was supposed to be the best part of the vid...........very nice.

Pilgrim: need to slow down and get on the right side of the road.  ;D
Look like a good ride and pretty country.

  Pilgrim, You should watch his other vids, them people down under ride some fast, and they have to be good because everyone is on the wrong side of the road. Washbrook has some really good vids, I might use them this winter to ride in the livingroom to keep from getting bored..........

Thanks. WE ride on the correct side. BTW the footage was sped up so I could meet the time limit for the video and also fit in the entire ride. TO ride that fast on the roads I was on would be suicidal, for me at least.


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