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hi my names aagro am lookin to see if theres any drifter owners in brissy have owned afew kawasaki's but this is my first drifter always been a fan now have one am looking at doing this one up am looking for ideas or bits and pieces

Welcome aboard, Aagro!
Now, I have to ask you 2 favors:
1) PICS!
2) please, use punctuation marks... lol...

Welcome to the Distinguished Drifter Owners Group (D-DOG)  ;)
(Yes, I just made that up  ;D )

We tend to be, uh, more experienced (older  :-\ ) than many bike riders so we do appreciate the little things, like punctuation, sentences, words spelled out instead of textspeak (txspk) and things like that.

Everyone is welcome, all interest in the Drifter is appreciated, and we love pictures of Drifters and details on any modifications done to them.


Welcome to the forum, aagro!

In defence of Aagro - yes I know him - how he writes (punctuation) shouldn't be of importance but rather what he is asking you about which is tips on modifications you have done on your bikes and the best places to source parts. He has purchased a 2001 Drifter recently and has discovered that drifter parts are a rare commodity in Australia.

The bike came with an OEM muffler (still bubble-wrapped in the box) which he doesn't need - is anyone interested in purchasing it?
He also has a Rick Doss Teardrop Headlight Kit - also brand new and still in the boxes - this is also for sale,
Feel free to contact him via personal message :-)

On another note, we have started an Australian Facebook page for Australian Drifter riders if you are interested.

Cheers and happy riding


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