Aerial Drone Footage

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Amazing video...
and nice place to go ridin'!

Drones are popping up everywhere. To be honest when we rolled up I thought, bloody geek, we cannot go anywhere without someone pulling out another toy. In hindsight I am glad he was there because we got a great clip of our ride group. In my opinion the aerial footage was fantastic. It would be great to see something similar from you guys in the USA for the next Drift in event as some of us, almost never get to see another Drifter. It was great seeing our group from that perspective, especially on the big sweeping turn. From up high you could see everyone almost evenly spaced out which enhanced the look, almost as if someone was directing us to get a specific bit of footage.

Hi Walshbrook,

Great clip... wouldn't mind a ride along next time...

Used to be a Melbournian but am now in CBR - work. My close friend is in Mel and he too got a 1500 Gooseberry.
Drop me a line?


Always happy to meet other Drifters. I was up in Canberra on mine in January. If you are coming down this way PM me and we can go for a ride, check out each others Drifter etc.

not sure if this works. lets see...


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