Spring Bike Show in Toronto

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--- Quote from: CDNRatMan on April 10, 2016, 16:10:22 PM ---......sorry we missed again.......

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walked around for hours asking anyone "have you seen ratman?'...even printed your picture off and had a pen ready for an autograph. oh well, one day


--- Quote from: CDNRatMan on April 10, 2016, 21:47:28 PM ---Well not sure of TJ's reaction to this one, but of the three I attended this winter this by far was the best. My 2 friends and I had a long discussion about this on the 5 hour ride home.
  The First one the Toronto International Bike show, seemed to be more a show of just manufacturers and suppliers showing and show casing their wares. Not a lot of used bikes or swap met stuff there, five huge halls of stuff and bikes, lots of walking and such, but ok.
 The second one was a manufacturer show and not for the public really it was to show case what was coming to the vendors and deals for the vendors, 2 very small halls.
 This third one was in 2 of the first ones halls, all the major bike dealers were there, the Indian Dealer had a really nice black Indian Vintage Chief with a custom made aluminum sidecar (built by a guy in Toronto) it was really nice, never got a picture because of the crowd. Almost half a hall was swap met stuff, but most was of course H-D stuff, I found 2 Drifter Items more to follow on that.
 This is the show I'll attend next year for sure.

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I like the first one the best. More bikes, more girls in shorts, more stuff...5 halls!

This one was ok...pickers market was better this year. Still full of Harley parts tho.

 ;) Well dude you are stating a friends will attest to the fact that I was stopped at least 15 times and asked to pose for a picture. You would have had a reaction from a lot of people unless of course they all left at the same time. I had people wanting a picture of the back of my shirt.........ok not my "Sons of Arthritis" I like my


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