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Winter mods for an Alaskan Drifter

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  Bam let me help you get over that envious feeling really fast, how much would the taxes be on a shop like that in your back yard in NY state........ ::)


--- Quote from: CDNRatMan on January 04, 2016, 15:04:40 PM ---  Bam et me help you get over that envious feeling really fast, how much would the taxes be on a shop like that in your back yard in NY state........ ::)

--- End quote ---

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you really know how to touch a nerve!!!!   :-)

Thanks guys, I like my shop even though it is a long term work in progress to get it where I want it to be eventually.
With white painted walls, cabinet doors, less clutter with a place for everything and everything in its place. Someday...

It only took me 60 years to get my own little shop.
Actually, I did have a one car garage/shop for the past 15 years in the house we built.
We sold it and bought this old place, it was built in '75 as a starter (cheap) house.
So it is opposite our custom home with the best of everything we could afford.

But this one is one level instead of three, has a level driveway instead of a steep, curving, long driveway that took me three hours to plow every time it snowed, is in town instead of half an hour drive... and best of all, it is paid off. (Yay!)

Robyn has a sewing room, I have a man cave, we have a guest room, and I have my shop.

It makes coming home from work looking forward to an hour or two playing with my projects really nice.

Tonight I had two boxes delivered, one is the wheel truing stand and the other is the flex tube for the Drifter's new exhaust system.

Interesting stock exhaust design...
The headpipe is 1.625" for about 8" and then it cuts down to 1.375" heading to the muffler under the swingarm. I am used to stepped pipes on exhausts but I don't remember ever seeing one that stepped DOWN in size.

I'm sure they had a reason, even if it wasn't for performance, packaging perhaps?

The general thinking (as I understand it) to increase torque at low rpm is to use a smaller headpipe diameter.
To add more power higher a larger pipe diameter is used.
And for a good all around power range a smaller diameter headpipe is used for a certain length and then the pipe diameter increases for less back pressure as the rpm increases.

I'm using 1.5" flex for the curves, and the same size for the straight tube.
The muffler has 2.5" inlet and exit so I will be using reducers to match up.

The plan is to make it double wall with 1.5" tubing wrapped with exhaust heat wrap all inside 2.25" flex and straight tube. The pipe wrap will cut down on heat transfer and keep the inner and outer pipes from rattling together. That's the plan so far, I will find out if it is successful or a failure. I'm using a Borla muffler.

That's the fun part of projects, thinking it is a good idea, before the reality shoots it down in flames.
Sometimes. Usually I am very happy with how a project comes out.
Sure I would do it differently next time, but I can always come up with a better way to do things...
After I've done it.

Life is a learning experience, eh?

  remember pictures of your work are greatly enjoyed by all.....

Here is the head pipe showing the reduced diameter

And here is the piece of flex tubing

It is very thin steel, galvanized, and very light.
Life span before rust through will be much shorter than a good heavy duty steel pipe.

My new wheel truing/balancing stand being inspected by Bobby

He approves 


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