Some things to remember: UPDATED: 02/09/2018 - updated links and member level info.

1. Membership levels

You are a GUEST until you login. Guests can do limited things on the site.

Once you register and login you become a CITIZEN.  Again there are limitations on where you can to and what you can do.

After you post a couple of posts, you become a PROSPECT.

Subsequently, you become a member and so on with additional privileges, etc.

NameStarsRequired PostsCitizennoneUpon RegistrationProspect2Member5Rider50Sr. Member250Charter Member500
Other levels are assigned using factors other than posts.

These are usually based upon subscriptions and participation.

* Sr. Staff -
* Wingman -
* Master-At-Arms -
* Life Member -
* Founder -
* Supporting Member - -contributions - funds/goods/special activities etc. -
* Pub Member - -access to the pub area
* Drifter Only - - access only to Drifter related boards
* 21+ - -access to any of the more open boards
* Original - -one of the first 100 members
* Moderator - -folks like PC who moderate one or more boards2. Drifter Registry and VDR #

Read topic:

3. Accessories and Mods

There are areas for discussing these things  - look through all the boards. But also there is a database with this information listed. You will have to register again on this board. Use your same username and password to makes things easier.


4.  Pictures

We all love pictures. You will likely find the Pictures board here. But there is also a Drifter Picture Gallery worth your time. You will have to register post any pics. Once you register and become a member a personal gallery will be created for you. To access your gallery simply click on the "View Gallery" link under your name on the left hand side of any post you make. Or click on the Gallery link and navigate to your username. 

5. Products -

We have several product related boards here. Have a look. There is a free for sale area on the forum.

Also there is a classifieds listing board to help you find and sell your products.  You will have to register to post or bid.

Visit: CLASSIFIEDS click on the Classifieds link in the Nav Bar.

NOTE: Anything you post in the Classifieds will also show up in the forum's for sale areas. Do NOT list in the forum, only list in the Classifieds area. Thanks.

6. Profiles and Member Maps:

Be sure and update your profile. There is a bunch of goodies in there once you get to the Prospect level, including a member map, avatars, and other good stuff.

7. Posts

When you create a new topic, as you type in the subject a series of "similar" posts will be shown. If you see one that is the same as yours, don't start a new topic, use that old one.

Be sure you look for a similar topic before you create a new one. We want to try to keep posts relevant and easy for future users to find.


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