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HOW MANY DRIFTERS MADE - Finally an answer!

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This information is directly from KHI - Kawasaki.

1. ALL Drifters were made at the Akashi plant in Japan.
2. Global Total:  18,000
3. 1500 cc: 9000
4   800: 9000

1. Total: 1200
2. 1500: 600
3. 800: 600


1. Total: 50 (1999-2000)
2. 1999 - 49
3 2000 -1

The Kawasaki Drifter was imported in to Australia for the 1999 Model Year. There were approx 50 units sold in 1999-2000. There was one 2000 Model Year unit sold, sales were slow of the Vulcan 1500 Drifter model and it was not imported again after 1999.

Murray Sayle
Homologation, Industry Relations & Technical Marketing Assistant
Kawasaki Motors Pty Ltd
Unit Q, 10-16 South Street
Rydalmere, NSW, 2116, Australia

Far more rare then I would have thought!


Wow. '99 through '05...Motorcycle Consumer News doesn't list the 2000 1500 at all, so then 6 years. maybe 5. Mine is a 2001 model, but with VIN 0099, it was built in July of 2000. Seems like the bulk of the production was in the first year. There are more '99s for sale than any other year...even if the production was steady, that's only 1500 world wide each year...I thought my W-650 was pretty rare, but I had no idea just how close to frog hair the Drifter is!

More rare then hen's teeth it would seem.......

The 1500 was from '99 to '05, the 800 was from '00 to '06, with no 800's going to the U.S. until '00 (though Canada got them in '99, making those like RatMan's blackout 800 more rare still).  These are indeed rare birds!

Any numbers on the 400cc model?  I think that was an Asian market only model, but I could be wrong.  I know none were available to North America.

Just curious..........

  from what I have read and been told the 1999, 800's were only sold in Canada and in Australia as a test market, and 900 were produced of the 1999 800 Drifters now as to how many were sent where I have not been able to find out. So I have a bike like me..... special......


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