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Annoying things people say to motorcyclists

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by rick

1.  Them:  “Is that your bike?”
- while I’m standing there in a padded jacket putting gas in the tank.
1994 Monument Valley (Bluff) cross country trip on my R90S wearing a blue ‘Stich in 110 degree heat.

2. Gas station clerk: “Hey, are you snowmobiling?”

Me: “Yeah, and the snow around here SUCKS!”

3.  Out on a ride on the M50 with the wife and I get the I need to tinkle sign from the back seat. While waiting on the wife I am standing in the parking lot smoking a cig. I noticed a guy looking at the bike and do my best to not make eye contact, but when a kid went by on a Ninja 250 he saw his opening. Mind you he is driving a POS truck of some kind. He wanders over and laughing says “what was that? A 100.” and rolls right into a HD lecture while he is looking over my 800CC jap bike. He asks me how I like it and such and I tell him I like it but might want to get a bigger bike down the road. He responds with “Well, at least its a Harley and that’s all that matters.”
When I told him it was a Suzuki he gave me a dirty look, dropped his cig, and left without a word.

4.  At a Starbucks last week. Early morning, but warming up quick and humid.  I walk in, full attgatt, a woman and her handler have just got their coffees and turn to look at me.
Her: “You going somewhere cold?”
Me:“Nope, somewhere windy”
She looks out the windows to see if the weather has changed since she came in.
Her: “Its not windy out there”
The handler leans over: “He’s on a motorbike”
She replies: “Yeah I get that, but it isn’t windy out there”

I have no answer.

Post from: "Keep The Rubber Side Down"

You forgot one of the classics.. You walk into a restaurant with your leathers on and your helmet in hand, and someone asks, " You ridin your bike today?" ........(so many answers, so little time ;D)

Well we usually get... "Nice Indian"... but that's another story.

I remember back when I was 16 and just learning to ride.  One day, I found myself in the back seat of my grandmother's car with my dad; she was driving.  We were at a stop light and there was a motorcycle facing us, waiting to drive through the intersection.
My grandmother said, "Watch that motorcyclist try to drive through the intersection before I have a chance to turn in front of him; what gal!"
My dad and I scrunched down in our seats speechless.
The guy survived.

Old Dog:
"I did'nt know Kawasaki made Harleys"


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