2010 drift in T Shirt


1999 Drifter:
My 2010 Drift -In T Shirt arrived beautiful dark blue, but not to dark with small logo on front left chest and large logo on back
all you Canadians better hurry up and get one or I'll be the only one in Canada eh!

Thanks Deb......great job

Sorry about the large pic but it shows the logos real

How do we go about getting the t-shirt?
May be a dum question, but I am new to this forum and I am just looking around and don't see any ordering info, or did you have to attend a ride to get one?

1999 Drifter:
Go to the home page scroll down to events there you will see DRIFT IN get in there and you'll see t's for sale seller HILLBILLY(Deb)
If that doesn't work heres my e mail and then I'll send you her e mail

1999 Drifter 800
Sudbury Ont

We have some 2010's (and 2009's) left in limited sizes and quantities. If you are interested let me know... they will be posted on the / store shortly.



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