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Complete system anywhere?

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Thanks Chief. That was going to be my next question : do exhaust for vn1500 classic fit, so great to know they do. I'm going to have a go at the goat bladder method myself! I take it because it says some people don't like the sound, that it must be pretty,loud?
You guys are the best help ever. There is no one here in the UK so you're invaluable cheers.

Me again, sorry to be a nuscience  :D  I've just found someone on YouTube that did waht seems to be referred to as "Paul's bike shop mod" they did the goat bladder bit and then removed tha baffles. It sounded pretty good. No idea how to find ths mod they spoke of but o e guy on the comments said after doing it his bike ran lean and lost it's back pressure. Any thoughts on that?

The goat bladder mod seems to increase the sound only slightly. The EFI can compensate for changes in exhaust, usually. If the air box is modified too, then a FI box is needed. When I installed my aftermarket pipes I needed a FI box to stop decel backfiring.

Metric Cruisers(UK) still have a couple available and are on ebay
Although this is for a Classic it will fit the Drifter if you swap out the right side passenger footpeg hanger with one from a Classic.

Thanks circlej, I did speak to them the other day as they're local to me. They said they don't fit. But you said about the passenger footpeg hanger- mine has footboards will that still work?


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