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Will it fit?


I always like to get spares for bikes I own and I was going g to get a spare engine. If can't fi d a VN1500 engine, will a VN1600 fit with few if any mods? As I'm not familiar with the bike, I don't know what the reliability and the long term mileage will be. Cheers.

One of the other guys just transplanted a 1600 of later vintage into his. I have 131,000 miles on mine. I had to go through the transmission at 125,000 because of a noisy/worn mainshaft bearing. The engine components, themselves are all original, pistons/crank/bearings, valves are untouched. The only issue was a bad bearing in the trans, so I'd say they are pretty bulletproof.

Great,thank you that helps a huge amount

OR Seedman:
I'm the guy that put a 2003 VN1600 classic engine in my 2001 1500 Drifter.  The 1600 has two alternators so I left one unplugged and taped off.  I had to change out the full intakes (swap them) because of different setups.  Other than that, the 1600 hooked right up to all the electrical plugs and bolted right in with no issues.  I really like the increased low end torque (longer stroke).  the 1600 is suppose to run hotter, so I will watch that during the summer months....even with only a few miles on the engine, it's still kinda noisy....just like the 1500s....but it runs strong and smooth....

Wow that sounds much easier than I thought, thank you. I wa thinking after I posted the question that if it did fit, I'd probably do it anyway for the extra power, rather than just keeping it as a spare. Hope you continue to enjoy it.


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