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Thanks guys, I've been taking a good look at things and understand finally!! So mine has been totally Indianised! Really love the look of it, which I why I test rode with a view to buy. Amazing ride. I can't find the tan coloured bags and Corbin dual seats anywhere ( I am in the UK) do you know if they are still available? All the leather goods on line are black and I'd like to change them if poss.

As for Corbin seat, they are still in operation and have an EU presence, I got a solo for 2k1R1 about 4 months ago.

Also FYI...
VIN breakdown
example - JKBVNT50JRA012345
B=business model or commuter
VNT50=Vulcan 1500
J=check digit
R=2001 (year built)
A=Akashi (production factory)
last six digits are the serial number


--- Quote from: JagLite on April 21, 2021, 21:59:02 PM ---After reading your previous post I tried to find the history section of the forum where the articles about the Cobra bike built by Berg but I can't find it. Have we lost that information or am I looking in the wrong places?

Seems to me there used to be the original Kawasaki write up about the new Drifter, the information about how many were sold each year and more. The original Kawasaki advertisements, a video or two...

--- End quote ---
From the Home page (not forum)... 


Also from the forum... Mods and Accessories  then Drifter History. 


Ah, that's why I was lost.
Thanks mate!


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