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Hello all. So great to find a forum for the bime I've just bought. Sadly our one here in the UK seems to be inactive - perhaps it shows the scarcity of these bikes in the UK.
I've just bought  1999 Kawasaki Drifter 1500 with 20k genuine miles on. I've had too many bikes to count over the years but this is really the best bike by far. And it's in such good condition as an old chap owned it from new and then parked it up, wrapped it up in his garage and left it for years when it became too heavy for him.
However I'm struggling to find out what the story is with my bike. I bought it from a dealer who just sells used bikes from all manufacturers.  It has very little paperwork save service history.  Did it roll off the production line at Kawasaki with Kawasaki Drifter stamped on the bike? Currently there is nothing to identify it as a Kawasaki but it has 26 Indian logos and names all over it in various places. It's quite something g trying to find them all and cou t them as some are very tiny and stamped into leather work or on the tips at the back of the fenders etc.
Also does anyone know how many were made.
Thanks so much if you can help. Really looking forward to spending time here.  :)  :)

The VIN tells you what the bike is. Also if the fender floats with the rear tire, it's a Drifter. 

How many were made?  There were 9000 1500's made with most of those sold in North America.

Hi Chief, yes I'm buying it as a Drifter, but would it have had Kawasaki & Drifter stamped all over it from new rather than all the Indian badges everywhere? Am I correct guessing it's been rebadged by the previous owner?
Thanks for the fast reply BTW.

The only place 'Drifter' is factory printed on a 1500 is on the two metal tank badges (1999/2000 drifters had all 'silver' badges while later models had chomre with color insert badges) which lots of folks removed.

I can't recall anywhere it is marked as Kawasaki but I have a poor memory.
It is on the VIN sticker of course but I think the factory left the bike sort of stealth instead of stamping KAWASAKI in many places. Of course it did NOT come with INDIAN marked anywhere on it.

Lots of owners have added the INDIAN markings on their own.


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