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Hello fellow Drifters!


Drifter Wolf:
Hello fellow Drifters! I never knew these bikes existed until about 2 years ago, I had just bought a used Honda shadow and was looking for some different exhaust and came across a pic of a what I thought was a cool looking Indian, once I took a closer look I was totally captivated, and I never looked at the shadow the same way. Fast forward to 2 years later, about a month ago my brother and I drove to Kansas and picked up my one owner 1999 Kawasaki Drifter 1500. The original owner looked just like Jerry Garcia only taller, this bike had 23000 miles but had always been well taken care of, all maint. records it was awesome. He personally took it for one last ride then loaded it on our trailer himself. I told him I felt like I was stealing his girlfriend, but I did pay for her! Never the less the rain started pouring down as soon as we drove away, and the good ol Missouri weather has been hit and miss, so I havent been able to ride to much. Oh yeah my name Gerald Wolfe out of Lowry City Missouri, Truman Lake area! Its great to meet everybody here!

Congrats!  8)

And congrats for your new toy. I'm sure you'll really enjoy it, once the weather lets you ride down the road...
BTE: this Forum is a great source of infos on our Drifters.

You found an excellent bike! Maintenance records show how well the owner took care of the machine.
I have never been able to buy a used bike/car/etc that had records.
Understandable though because I never keep records of what and when I serviced my machines.
Some people are good at that, some just do it, and some just never remember to do it.
I know where I belong in those groups.

The Drifter is a wonderful bike to ride and it has presence.

Welcome to the club!


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