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Nomad Exhaust mounts for Drifters

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Old Drifter:
Thanks for the update. I may need to get a set of these when completed.

I am looking forward to seeing the final result too.

OR Seedman:
So...I got the second set of prototype mounts back.  They look and work really good.  I am going to keep this pair and have them chromed after a make a couple of really minor adjustments.  The lower mounting hole that attaches to the frame behind the footrest mount needs to be enlarged just a little bit to give it some adjusting room.  Have to do that on both sides.  I will make sure that is done on the production brackets.  Other than that, they are really sturdy and pretty well hidden behind the pipes and rear foot rests.  The don't flex back and forth and even if you don't have the rear footrests, they don't stand out.  I have attached some pictures of the right side......it is a little hard to spot because is runs along the backside of the tailpipe and does a 90 degree bend up just under the footrest.  the only thing that really is visible without the saddlebags on is the part that attaches to the top of the muffler at the mounting points that would attach to a Nomad saddlebag bracket.  let me know all of your thoughts and opinions.....pricing would be $50 unpainted per set or $90 with black powder coat, not including shipping.  Shipping would probably be flat rate for large box ( I would use the same box that I ship my saddlebag brackets in)

Is there any rubber mounting associated with these?  As you know, our engines are rubber mounted. Hard mounting pipes results in a lot of stress to the pipes and heads and causes a lot of vibration to be transmitted to the frame. This is why the original pipe system was rubber mounted and why we have mods to modify the oem footpeg or replace it when we mount aftermarket pipes.

If you remember the original Cobra "indian pipes"... the hard mounting is why many of them failed.

OR Seedman:
seems to me the resonator has a bit of movement in it to compensate for the engine movement these brackets flex a little from side to side, so I'm not sure if there is a need for the rubber mounting.  I didn't have rubber mounts on my V&H Longshots and that never seemed to be a problem.  I'll run these brackets for the summer and provide a long-term update in the fall.....


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