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Greetings from Central Mass


Red Cloud:
Hello All,
I've been a visitor/guest to this site for many years.  I learn a lot and enjoy the atmosphere. 
I owned a '99 1500 back in 2000 (stock maroon over black, Harley style starter switch and Chief style exhaust),  but sold it due to the responsibilities of a young family.
I now own a '99 800 (straight stock , red, w/ 3800 mi).  This machine came from Florida via a Canadian snowbird last August.  I have a list several pages long of the various additions and changes I intend to make over time.  I find the process of locating parts and putting your own unique stamp/expression on these machines to be as much fun as riding them : )
One topic I'm not finding info about that I could use some help with is how to modify a stock 800 exhaust.  I'd like a little more rumble than I currently have.  Any suggestions/links/etc would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You,

It's never too late for joinin' a great bunch of nice and helping people!
Seems like your scoot is just like ma-deuce: a 1999 red and black 800.
But I'm not so sure about it, since that there are no pics of your beauty‚Ķ  ;)
As for the exhaust, I do agree with you: the OEM one is absolutely too much quiet. And that's why 3 years ago I went for a custom 2-1 with fishtail looking.
Now she's a roaring tiger, and goes even faster then before! 
Take a look here:


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