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2 up seat for a 02 800 drifter

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Alberto Ortega:
Hi I need a 2 up seat for a 02 kawasaki drifter 800 and I need to know if a 1500 seat fits on 800

  Right now the only 2 up seat I know of is in Montreal for sale by Nanook, and if you go to the Facebook Vulcan parts site then it should be listed there, sec see If I can find it.
listed on here.
A 1500 seat will not fit an 800, different seats and mounts.

I have a normal seat off the 800, it may work.

Corbin makes new seats for the 800. Their seat for the 800 has integral supports.

Easy Drifter:
so are you saying that the Corbin Two up seat for the 800 Drifter does not require the support bracket used with the OEM accessory Kawasaki two up seat???


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