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Sturgis 2016

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--- Quote from: tj on February 22, 2016, 10:23:52 AM ---I've heard that the riding should be done before or after the rally because of all the traffic...don't know how true that is...

--- End quote ---

Part of the fun for us was to ride among hundreds of others bike.  There were a few instances where you could feel the ground shake at a stop light.  It was a really great experience and one that we are looking forward to again.  The only downside is that certain areas like Devils Tower, etc., took forever to get into.

You're riding from Ontario?  We thought of riding from our area, Utica NY, but one guy kept telling me, "The problem with that long of a ride is that you have to ride back!".  Needless to say, we trailered our bikes and make the 26hr drive driving straight through both ways.  Have to admit, glad we did, especially when we ran into a few big rain storms.

Remember, last year was the 75th Anniversary with over a million bikers; I doubt there will be that many this year but who knows.

The long ride, there AND back is the best part of the whole experience! Make it a loop so you don't have to go back the same way!

 ;) like I did for Drift In, was an awesome experience.......and stop along the way and met Drifter riders in all of the states......

A couple years ago we went to the tail of the dragon. That was 2 days of riding each way...great experience, although on the way back I was thinking how nice a trailer would be!
From Ontario, we figure Sturgis is 3 days of riding each way...roughly 2200kms or about 1400 miles. We will be taking the ferry from Michigan to Milwaukee...trying to stay out of the mess they call Chicago.
A different route on the way back is a good idea...have to look at the map.

Personally, I think you'd be better served by the Ludington/Manitowoc ferry....getting out of Milwaukee is almost as bad as Chicago....If it were me, I'd go around the lake at the UP, and in by Green Bay...but that's just me. The ferries are ok, done that...


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