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"DRIFT AWAY in PA. 2016"


By popular demand, I will hold a regional DRIFTER event here in Southwestern PA next ( 2016 ) June. It will run from the 21st to 24th ( Tues thru Fri ) to allow plenty of time for those travelling a good distance to arrive and get home before jobs/life resume. Provided here is info about the upcoming 2016 "Drift Away in PA" rally for Kawasaki Drifter owners and friends.

There is no registration/admission fee. If you want to hang/ride with the Group all day/night/week - that's fine. If you want to go your own way for a day or night ( or all week for that matter ), that's fine too. Being as how this is as unofficial as an event as can be, all I'm doing is providing us a mutual targeted area within which we can ride together, and also doing my best Julie McCoy to be you Love Boat tour guide to the local scenery, attractions and eats. Just show up and act and ride like a responsible adult and have some fun!

Having lived here for all of my 53 years, I have a distinct advantage over many previous hosts of Drift-In's in regards to my detailed knowledge of this region. I've done a great deal of preparation in regards to scheduled route planning and Points-of Interests that I have built-in as stopping/visitation points. I'd like to think I have something planned for everyone, and many things for most, to take back home as a fond memory. There will be a thoroughly planned, 5-7hr total duration route for riding, with points-of-interest stops each day. I will also provide material with information on all attractions in the area NOT on our agenda, so that you can use your free time well, or even free-lance for a day apart from the group.
I have already made an initial booking at the Log Cabin Motel in Donegal for a large suite with an enormous central entertaining room ( ping pong table, pool table, foosball table, jacuzzi, etc.. ) and large kitchen which can serve as an indoor "Dog Pound". It has four full bedrooms. Inside of the same building is another large suite that I hope to book as soon as we get enough people committed to filling the first one up. As we pride ourselves in the "family aspect" of our meetings, this somewhat communal living arrangement will be ideal for us. These suites divide out to only $60-$65 for a bedroom. which is INCREDIBLY cheap for all of the amenities and the beautiful d├ęcor. There are multiple other free-standing suites adjacent which have 2-3-4 bedrooms and beautiful rustic central entertaining areas. If you prefer the privacy of a normal hotel setting, the Lodge has 25 individual rooms, all rustic with deer antler chandelier type motifs.
 Please message me ASAP if you are interested or definitely coming, and tell me the days you will attend, and the type of lodging you would prefer ( sharing a suite, or your own room ). P.S. - I plan on being there at the Log Cabin by Monday early in the afternoon, and will have the initial large suite booked for Mon thru Fri nites. This way you can arrive on Monday, get info handouts & maps, take a little spin up the mountains if you'd like, get a full night's sleep and be fresh for a packed day on Tuesday.
 Contact me immediately if you're set on coming ! You snooze...... you lose!

Larry Cottrill 


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