Bikers Reunion 2015


  This is a fantastic event and for a worthy cause, and should be a must attend for all Canadians who can make it. Fantastic weekend and to shut the Trans Canada Highway down for a group of Motorcyclists is truly awesome. Last year the Bikers Reunion donated $120,000.00 to the Cancer Care Unit at Temiskaming Hospital. This has been called the Sturgis of the North.

I take it this is held in Ontario?

Unless New Liskeard has moved then it will be held in Ontario once again. I have your room cleaned and ready for your use for the weekend. Was hoping to have Driftingirl and FredakaMike ride up here for the event, and then yourself, if Troll and Gb  show up it will get tight, but I am planning on attending the Sunday and partake in the Freedom Ride.

Next year hopefully!

  Dear Lady:
                  if you and Fred decide you want to go you have a rest place here any time and be most welcome for a visit......

  This is one awesome ride. I have been three years now, and the people who have their first experience will tell you it is heart wrenching. To see he amount of people lining Highway 17 from the lights in New Liskeard to the turn off to Cobalt, and the people in the towns of Hailbury, and Cobalt, is enough to make the hardest heart melt. They really go out for the bikers for the three day event.


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