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New to the forum and new to riding.  Maybe my version of a mid-life crisis, but always dreamed of having a bike.  The second I saw a Drifter on the road, I never considered anything else.  Anyone else in Southern California?

Cotton Mouth:
Welcome to the forum mikelaba!  You chose one helluva first bike.  This is a lot of great, knowledgable people around here and good information on this forum regarding our Drifters. Some pictures of your bike would be appreciated too!    :D

  Welcome, and you will enjoy your time here, like Cottonmouth said there is a hockey sock full of information and people to learn from here. There is also a great number of ideas being kicked about.....

 Southern California that is way over on the left side of a map and near the bottom right.........


I think you'll find that you've found a great treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge here.  One word of advice though.......I'd get a pic up soon if you can, before the pic hounds come out.

WELCOME to the nut house, Mike.    What an awesome bike the Drifter is- I'm sure you agree.  Any questions you may have can usually be answered here.   

Pictures, did somebody mention pictures??    We like pictures...... 8)


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