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Greetings from Sweden

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Back in 2001 when I bought my 1st bike I stood in the horrible situation in to choose witch bike to buy.. the MeanStreak was a high favour and the 800 drifter next.. ended up with the vn800a though and was a happy camper for 4 years....

Hade some brief mental breakdowns meaning a VX800, a Transalp a GSF 1200 bandit and a Honda Sidecar ower the years Before I bought my MeanStreak1600. Rode it for 20000km until my wife declared that we needed new windows to the house..and the bike left me in tears to a new owner...

Had a year with a Honda Varadero but tomorrow my Life comes together again... Getting my 1500 drifter from 1999 with 9000 km on the Clock...

So... cheerrs again from Sweden!!!

Congratulations! Cheers!

  Welcome to the zoo

post pictures as soon as you have the key in your hand or the 1500 owners will hound you endlessly.....

Congrats on the 'new' bike!......and welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard, to my european neighbor! :)


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