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I recently relocated to Vegas and because of the weather decided to ride again and I have not been on a bike for close to 15 years. I just bought a 2005 Drifter 800 with a little over 4700 miles for $3500. I have always loved the looks of the bike and with aftermarket pipes it sounds great I am really looking forward to spending some time on it..

  Welcome Phil....nice to see another 800 owner, but you best watch some of them big 1500 riders will bully you into posting pictures so if you have any get them on really quick, some really talented people here who will help you with any questions and issues.

Thanks for the welcome just updated with a couple pics hope I did it right not really a net guy

   Awesome you bet them dudes to the really nice and clean, just needs white wall tires to make her look like a million

Cotton Mouth:
Welcome to the forum Phil.  There are a lot of good folks on here, and wealth of information regarding Drifters. If you haven't noticed already, you are more likely to see the elusive jackalope than see another Drifter on the road here in the southwest, or anywhere for that matter.  Glad you bought that 2005,  was a smoking deal you got there.


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