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I just became the proud owner of a 05 Vulcan Drifter. I bought it from Art Stone in Kentucky. He did a great job of dressing it from top to bottom. He even included a speacil touch of 1959 Cadalac tail lights. I am 66 and it looks like the way they dressed them up when I was a kid. Thank You Art. I am looking forward to learning how to use this web site. Bill Dietz Lena IL.

   Welcome; you will fit right in here but before you get hounded by some people you need to post lots of pictures and nice close ups of any and all mods, failing this you will be hounded endlessly by some of the older members who live by pictures.
   But Welcome and enjoy your stay here and you have some really good people here, even the picture hounds, most from the middle of the US someplace...we are not sure of who they are..........

Welcome gunner!  I think you'll soon find this to be a great place to hang out!  Oh, and Ratman ain't kiddin' 'bout the pictures!  He loves 'em! ;)

Welcome to the group, Gunner.  I think , though, SOME of those Picture Hounds might be from as far North as CANADA!!!!

Elmo Hayride:
Welcome gunner.


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