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Harley dash mount Ignition problems

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OK, so I install the Harley dash mount ignition (it looks great) wire it up exactly as the diagram says do (yes I put the 100ohm 1/2 watt 5% resistor in the yellow wire that connects to the gray wire), cross my finger and hit the switch. WA-LA it turns over but won't start whats gong on ? Then I notice that when I turn on the switch I don't hear the fuel pump any more (maybe a good reason it won't crank). So I go to checking wires with the ole test light and find out that I have power from the switch to the resistor but not coming out of the resistor, I change the resistor and same problem these are brand new resistors and I tried 3 of them so what happening. I can put the old OEM switch back on and she fires right up. Everything is wired EXACTLY like the diagram in the Mods Section shows So someone that knows what I am doing wrong PLEASE tell me how to correct this problem. Oh and just in case it matters mine is a 1999 1500 drifter
                           Thanks Ghostrider

Well a blown resistor will not allow any current through... I know you said you have everything wired correctly and have used 3 resistors.

So, I'd get a new resistor and test it to ensure its good... This is a good article on resistor testing.


With a known good resistor temporarily wire into the system and test. If that works, permanently install it and test again.

If it doesn't work with the temp installation, retest the resistor. If bad, you blew it and something in the wiring is wrong. If good, something is wrong elsewhere.

If it doesn't work with the permanent install, you did something during the final installation to blow the resistor.

If you are soldering, did you use a heat sink?  I usually put an alligator clip between the resistor and the solder point to prevent any chance of overheating.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks Chief,
  I will try another resistor testing it like you said. I am soldering the resistor and using heat shrink but called myself being careful to not heat the resistors up. Anyway, this dang thing has me stumped as to what is going on. I don't know if it matters but the resistors I am using I bought at Radio Shack so they may or may not be the ones I needed but they are 100ohm 1/2 watt 5% resistent (5 in a pack for a buck) so if this is the wrong ones let me know and thanks for the help Chief.

Based upon what we are told, the resistor should be the right one... 5% tolerance should be good as well.

Let me know how your testing comes out.

Well Chief, the switch is now working and looks great too ! You know it sure makes things work better when you learn to look twice and buy once when you are buying resistors. Take it from me 100 Ohm and 10,000 Ohm are NOT the same thing and won't interchange. LOL 


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