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Plastex Plastic Repair Kit Review


PLASTEX is a powder and a liquid when mixed together it actually becomes a plastic. PLASTEX is extremely easy to use and has no mixing ratio. Every PLASTEX kit also includes a reusable molding bar which makes it simple to reproduce broken or missing tabs. PLASTEX dries in about 20 minutes, although should sit for 1 hour before put in use or painted. PLASTEX does not have a shelf life when stored out of direct sunlight and high heat. Also every PLASTEX kit includes the instructional video cd which shows all methods of applying PLASTEX.

PLASTEX is excellent for reproducing knobs and other small parts. PLASTEX can also duplicate texture on parts with the molding bar. PLASTEX works great for repairs on plastic and fiberglass hulls & tubs. Use PLASTEX to restore threads in wood and plastic. Use PLASTEX  for hobbies, crafts and models. PLASTEX is great for cell phones, remote controls and sunglasses. The applications for PLASTEX are almost unlimited.

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