Drifter meetup.

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Great to catch up with Colin and Norman for a catch up and ride. Sharing stories, advice and wisdoms about our Drifters. Rare to have 3 of us together. Looking for any other Drifter owners from around Victoria and interstate. Trying to build an Australian community of Drifter riders. This is a call out.

How about you sharing some pics of your meet-up?    We like pics  8)

Yeah, wo DO like PICS!  ;)

Old Drifter:

--- Quote from: mittico68 on October 08, 2018, 01:27:22 AM ---Yeah, wo DO like PICS!  ;)

--- End quote ---

X Three!  8)

On Sunday we met up with another Drifter rider, Colin, and went for a ride. We speculated that this may be the first time ever that 3 Drifters have ridden together in Victoria. Here are a few potos taken down in Flinders, specifically along Golf Links Road in Flinders overlooking Bass Straight ( ) . After our impromptu photo session we headed for a coffee and a chat about our bikes.

- Rhett owns the Blue and Silver
- Colin owns the Black with Ape Hangers
- I own the Gooseberry with the Windshield.

We then road up to The Naked Racer Cafe in Moorabbin ( ) which is attached to Antique Motorcycles for a bit of lunch and to check out the museum. A very pleasant way to spend a Sunday.


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