Electrical, Electronics, Horns and Lighting.

Main Fuse Location
Air Horn Installation
Accessory Switches
Accessory Power
Garmin C550 Vehicle Power Cable
Drag Specialties Tach installation
Speedometer Cable Fix
Wire and Wiring General Info
Relocate rectifier
Ignition Switch Relocation - Two more
Ignition Switch Relocation
Headlight Rattle Fixes
Fault Finding Flow Chart for Motorcycle Charging Systems
Automotive Wire and Wiring Guide
1999-2000 Drifter 1500 Wiring Diagram
Cheap Signal Visors
Starting a Motorcycle With a Dead Battery
Motorcycle Tech Tip - Battery Maintenance
Motorcycle Battery Tip
Motorcycle Battery Maintenance
How to check a motorcycle battery
How to Winterize Your Bike Battery
How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Battery
Check the Charging System
Fender Light Install
Turn Signal Brackets
Replacement RED Turn Signals
National Light Bar Installation
Light Bar - No Bar
Light Bar installation
Drifter Tail Light Safety Conversion - LED addition
Integrate Front Turn Signals and Spots
Indian Headlight Install on Drifter
HD headlight Nachelle on Vulcan
Installation of a Kawasaki Light bar (PN-K32001-003) on a 800 Drifter
Cheap Spotlight Bar
Amber Spot Lights on your Drifter
Caddy Tail Light Mod
Lighting Mod Link
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