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New to the Vulcan Community. Need some advise.


I am new to the family of Vulcans. I recently just bought a 2006 Vulcan 800 Drifter about a week ago. It was a little bit of a fixer upper. It has been sitting for 5 years and and i think the previous owner put it down because it is missing the front fender and there is a dent in the tank. I got brakes and rotors, tires, and a chain for it. Still need to get a front fender and a windshield. One thing i have been struggling with is finding a way to mount saddle bags. All the brackets i find are for 2up seats and i only have a solo seat. All the universal mounts don't accommodate the rear suspension of the bike. Any help would be appreciated! Also is there anything i need to look at that could need done for the bike since it has been sitting for so long?

Don't know about the 800 setup, but on the 1500, the OEM Fire and Steel bag brackets work for either solo or dual seat.

I can't help ya, too.
I've got a 1999 Drifter 800 wich was made with the 2-up seat.
And I have modified it, adding a spring solo seat. But I actually use the OEM saddlebag brackets, simply by adapting them to the new configuration.
As for the rest, I think you might want to check the whole bike assembly: a 5 years sitting down is a bad stuff, for any component, electrical or structural...

jack freeman:
A while back I remember a fellow drifter was makeing a bolt on saddle bracket that works on the 800 . Put this out there maybe a fellow
rider can help . Hope this helps .

Thanks  Jack

jack freeman:
I did find who I belive made  the saddle bag brackets . He is fellow member OR Seedman . Keep me posted .


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