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Rideability of 800 for 5-6 female


Steve B:
We're considering a 800 Drifter with solo seat for 5'6" 125# female rider. Bike is 2000 miles away (can't sit the bike) so hoping for input/advice. She has 32" inseam.  Thanks.

The seat makes a big difference on leg clearance, too.  Do you know what seat it has on it?  It seems like, if I remember, my Corbin dual-seat let me reach the ground easier than the stock solo.  Can't remember for sure.  Anyway, they DO have lowering kits , and I know some folks have used them and liked them.   You can get about an inch out of the front by sliding the front shocks up in the triple tree (can get more , but gotta watch how much).

I think for that size person, it could go either way...  depending on several things.  I think it may or may not be real comfortable for her as-is stock--  depending on her individual build and the seat on the bike, etc.  Might fit her fine, but might be a little tall.  But I think it's  close enough that there are adjustments that can be made if you are willing to put some time into it.

Where are you located, and maybe someone close to you has one you can sit on. 

The 800 Classic is very close also, but I've never heard about seat height- I know they have different seat part numbers.    Anybody know?

If she has a 32" inseam, she should have no problem with the height of the bike. Seat height with OEM seat is 29.92 in.

If seat height works out, weight is another consideration. The 800 Drifter is not a light bike and can be a challenge to handle on the ground when parking, etc. I am 5'9 and 150# and sometimes struggle to push the bike away from slanted curbs etc.


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