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On my birthday this year (2018) Ratman passed. He was a good brother to us here and he is missed. I consider him a friend, and in my military way of thinking, he's been transferred to a better station, but we will meet up down the road. He has a permanent place here.

Cheers Ratman, and thanks for all you have done for us.

He will be missed, for sure.
R.I.P. Ratman and keep on ridin' in heaven.

So sorry to hear, Chief, that it happened on your birthday.   I know that was one of the worst days of my recent memories, other than Jan 31 when my Dad passed.    I'd hate to have it happened on my birthday, so I feel bad for you on that.

Ratman was one of a kind, and never knew a stranger.  I've seen him do things - big things and little things- to help more people, some of them he didn't even really know --  than anyone else I can think of.

One thing that keeps me going...   I think of him telling me, as he used to do,  "suck it up, buttercup".

Agree with your thoughts Greenbarn. I miss the Ratman everytime I come to the forum.

Yup, me too.  Makes it hard to come back . 


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