Finally meet CdnRatman

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Just this past Friday was able to meet up with ratman  I was passing through his area, minus letting him sit around a timmies for a half an hour waiting for some guy to meetup with him. Either there are too many timmies in north bay or I can not read the map he sent me I'll say the first part lol.
Just want to say thanks for your help and knowledge of bikes since I have only owned a drifter for a few years. I Know who to hit up if I have any questions  or problems. Also showed the better half the seat and she laughed after I said she could start ridding with me now ,I  will have to work on that lol, but it is also nice to go solo

  Because of you my blood sugars are all out of whack, the maple dip I had was really fresh and warm, but oh so much sugar that a sweet guy like me is going to suffer for a few
  Did you get the seat mounted or have you been catching up on your honey do list........
 There is about 6 Timmies in a small city like ours imagine a large city like Toronto or

  Was really nice to put a face to the name......

No seat on yet still finishing off the better halfs list, this weekend will send over a pic

What is a Timmies. . . a fast food joint or a chain of bars?

  lol what is a

  Timmies is not a what it is a whom and a what sort of........Timmies stands for Tim Horton.

    Miles Gilbert "Tim" Horton was a Canadian professional ice hockey player, a defenceman for 24 seasons in the National Hockey League. He played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Buffalo Sabres. Born in Cochran Ontario, Jan 12th 1930. Won 4 Stanley Cups, 7 NHL appearances in All Star games.
In 1964, Horton opened his first Tim Horton Doughnut Shop in Hamilton, Ontario on Ottawa Street. He even added a few of his culinary creations to the initial menu. By 1968, Tim Horton had become a multimillion-dollar franchise system. Horton's previous business ventures included both a hamburger restaurant and Studebaker auto dealership in Toronto.
Upon Horton's death in 1974, his business partner, Ron Joyce, bought out the Horton family's shares for $1 million and took over as sole owner of the existing chain that had 40 stores at the time and later expanded to nearly 4,600 stores in Canada alone by 2013. Joyce's son, Ron Joyce, Jr., is married to Horton's eldest daughter.

so Timmies is a Canadian version of StarBucks or such a thing it is everywhere.........


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