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Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - Sunday Sept. 24 - Worldwide


Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

This is a ride conducted around the world in support of prostate cancer and suicide prevention. To date, worldwide attendance registration is about 63,000 this year. There are riding chapters for many areas around the world. I've seen this event listed for a number of years. This will be my first year attending. If you're interested, go to the above website, locate your area, and register. See you there!

We have about 170 riders registered for our local DGR event.

 I have the clothing, and all but the nearest ride is like 5 hours south of here so will have to think this out for next year......

For next year, you can volunteer to be a coordinator for your area, if there isn't a ride scheduled there.  So you can make it what you will.

I've already taken part in the local event last year, and it's been nice to take a tour around with so many bikes, with so different styles.
So, even this year I'll be there, ridin' ma-deuce.
I'll take some pics and post them here.


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