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Back the Blue Motorcycle Ride (PA)


Back the Blue Motorcycle Ride

August 7, 2016

From the Facebook page . . . . .
"Support the Philadelphia Police Department!!!!! Back The Blue Motorcycle Ride is a support ride for Philly PD sponsored by Bullets LEMC.  Rally time will be August 7th at 2PM at The FOP. KSU at 3:30PM. This ride will be a non-stop, police-escorted ride passing multiple districts of the Philly PD to show your support.  We will leave the FOP and pass the 7th district.  We will then pass the 8th, head down to the 26th, back up to the 24th/25th and then to the 2nd/15th.  After the last district, we will head to Frankford and Cottman to the Philly Cops Rock Rally."

The ride starts at the Phila FOP Lodge 5, 11630 Caroline Rd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19154.  It's just off the Boulevard a few miles south of the turnpike.

Be advised, PA is an open carry state, BUT Philadelphia County has a requirement that you must have a CCW permit, in order to open carry within the City.  Go figure.   :o ???  I don't know how many people this affects on the ride.  I'm guessing most permitted people will CC anyway.

A recent promo for the event.

Overall, it was a great rally.  Many of the cops were thanking us personally for supporting them at a time when they feel their jobs are unappreciated.

The turnout was great.  Over 600 bikes showed up and had to be divided among three different lots for staging purposes.

The police-escorted tour went through a number of districts, on both major and minor roads.  The community had come out in force to cheer everyone on.  There was only one incident that I know of.  Some thugs were throwing bottles at the tour.  One came very close to hitting a guy on a trike riding behind me.  At the end of the official ride, there was a huge gathering with the public in the Mayfair section of the city.  It's a working class part of the city that is struggling with high crime.  There were some shootings there later that evening after the event was over.

By and large, this was a great event, that showed community support for local law enforcement.

More pics.

Old Drifter:
Thanks for posting and supporting the men (and women) in blue! Great pics! I've been on a few memorial runs in Phila., when I lived in South Jersey.


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