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Coulee Cruzin' (WI)

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 I have been asked by several people to host a "mini drift-in" next year. I had offered to host the main event, but I lost in the balloting by one vote. It seems that there are quite a few people who want to see the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. We, (they) have settled on a date of July 21st through the 23rd. of 2016. The place will be Sparta, WI. A town of about 12,000 with very easy access to Interstate 90....and situated at the top 1/3 of the Driftless Region. This area is called that because during the last ice age, this part of the state didn't get covered by ice, and it's pretty much untouched, and the way it was 15,000 years ago. We have steep cliffs, wandering valleys, and high ridges. Almost a miniature Rocky Mountains...I have some information posted on FaceBook under the event "Coulee Cruzin" I have plans for some great, scenic rides, some technical riding, visits to some of the largest Military memorials outside of Washington D.C.  Since I still have about a year to plan, I will be adding to this post, as well as the FaceBook event as things firm up

I'm all for that! Several hundred miles shorter than the other proposed location!...providing I can make it, that is....  :D

 ;)  with your old bones and sorry a$$ condition you might want to strt out oh about NOW and might make it on time for the proposed time frame.....

...maybe with your big mouth you ought to....shut up..... ;D :o

now, now, children....we're all family here.....


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