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I'm looking to get comments concerning developing a CANADIAN Drift-In together in 2011. I know Canada is very large, so suggestions for locale would be helpful. I'm in TN so there would have to be one or more "hosts" willing to do the leg work.

Also, in addition to or in lieu of a single large rally, perhaps a series of ralles across Canada with a ride between them... in other words, several small rallies scheduled such that interested parties could travel between them and see Canada at the same time. These would be harder to schedule but would be easier for the local "hosts" to organize and there would be more opportunities for people to attend?

Hi Chief,
I guess it is too late for it this year but let me know what is required and I will check into things on this end in Ontario.  I live north of Toronto, so i believe that having a Drift-In in the toronto area would attract Ontario, Quebec and some of the Northern USA.  I have yet to be to a Drift-In so I am sure there is a lot of legwork required....

There is some leg work, but I think its manageable. There is some basic work... locate hotel(s) and get blocks of rooms, set dates, set-up interesting rides (usually 2-3), seek out sponsors/vendors (if you want any), bike show, final day dinner, t-shirts, etc. But, you know, since this would be the first Canadian version, we are wide open on how to do it. Of course, you know the weather - so the dates would be very important!

Thanks for your interest.

Count me in. I'm in North Bay and will help out!

I would be interested, I live in Bismarck, ND.  My summers are usually cramed full of activities that I do, so to get lucky enough to have a drift in close to me on an open weekend would be rare but not impossible. 


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