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Harley, Been there done that.


johnny reb:
This is my first post and i thought it would be interesting to see how many drifter riders came from a Harley. I have always trusted Metric bikes (except for a old CB750). I had a VN900LT that never gave me problems (except for a water leak 2 orings)
Then, I got a Harley then it was this or that. I would customize it a little more then poof something would break, etc. My dad is 90 and he was always reminding me " you never had problems with your last bike. Anyhow I now own a 99 drifter 1500 and love it. the Harley will be repaired by me one more time then she is going on marketplace. Ironically I bought my drifter from a guy who had just bought a harley. I bet he will regret it.

Rode H-Ds for almost 50 years. Bought my Drifter, out a a barn (really), in '09. Sometimes it takes people a while to learn.

I've never had a Harley, but I always wanted one.
Then I bought ma-deuce and since then (it was 1999) that wish has vanished!
But I would still like to buy me a Indian (I mean: the original vintage one...).  ;)

Rode Brit bikes, Norton/Triumph... then HD. Found Drifters in 2002, sold my HD.


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