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Gary 1950:
Hello, I've been riding sense  I was 15.   I have a 2005, 800 drifter that I bought from my wife's girlfriend for 4000. It had 50 miles on it.  Her ex told me that it was special order and they only made 750 in 05.  I have had it for 6 years, got tired of just looking at it it has 5000+ now.  I'm not good at typing so I won't write much.  We also have a 2015 spyder rt it has 65,000 on this one it's our third.   We've been to New York to California north Dakota to Texas on them.  Rode harleys  all over, had bunch of BSAs also.

Welcome aboard!
Good to hear that you decided to ride your scoot: the Drifter is such a great bike that it would be a shame to keep her sitted.
Ride safe and enjoy!  8)

Welcome, and thanks for your support. Hope you have as good a time here as I do! Cheers.

Pics pics pics...


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