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Greetings from Central Oregon



Obviously, I'm new here. I just purchased a 1999 Drifter 1500, with 40k miles on it. My dad had a drifter ~10 years ago and I've loved them ever since. Looking forward to making this one mine. Not sure yet what all I will do to it. I will be riding it a bunch, I'm ~25 miles from work and plan one using this as much as possible. The riding season is much longer here in Central Oregon compared to when I lived in the Portland area.  I'll try to get pictures posted soon.

Welcome aboard!
You're in the right place, if you're lookin for some advices and help.
There are tons & tons of infos on this Forum, and a bunch of nice people.
Oh, since that you've already talked about it, I won't say that WE LOVE PICS!  ;) ;D

Old Drifter:
Welcome to the forum! Yes what Marco said!  ;)

OR Seedman:
if you're ever back in the valley, let me know....I'm in Monmouth and could meet up for a ride...or if things ever open back up completely, I have a central Oregon route planned....


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