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New Drifter rider from central Illinois


Bought a 2004 Drifter 800 tonight (from a really great guy) with only 5300 miles, plus the 100 mile ride home!

Also ride a Yamaha Vstar, daily, and a Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle RoadGlide, when it's cold outside .

We do a fair amount of touring.  I'm  already a pretty light packer, but no passenger seat & no luggage rack means no saddleman and really downsizing to fit everything into these even-smaller-than-my-Yamaha saddlebags!  I'm even gonna have to downsize my lunch box! 

But this bike is TOO COOL to let storage problems deter me!

Welcome aboard and congrats for your new-to-you bike!
Perhaps the Drifter 800 is a bit smaller then you expected, but is absolutely gorgeous with its cool retro-style!
And she's even a nice and smooth ride.
But remember, there's one rule you should comply with: NO PICS = IT DIDN'T HAPPEN...  ;)

Been riding to work daily and we took a nice ride down the river today. 

I'm going to change the coolant, I'm guessing it's  original.  I'm surprised at how much heat it puts off.  I didn't expect it to be substantially hotter than my air cooled 650 Vstar.  But it's definitely tolerable heat - and it has been in the 90's here.

And I have white wall tires on order, since while these tires still have plenty of tread, they are 16 years old!  Little concerned about taking them too far and too fast. 

The husband is trying to convince me to buy the Zambini decals but  I'm worried about heating them to form to the tank and adhering them correctly, etc.  They're too expensive to make a mistake. 

Lets see if I can include a pic...

That's a nice scoot.
Now it's time to start to personalize her...  ;)


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